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Now you get a circular body loofah monthly with 5% at any time during your membership period

  • We do not renew your membership automatically
  • No commitment required
  • If there is a running sale going on you will get a higher discount
  • We ship it with USPS First-Class Mail®Full tracking included (3 to 5 days)
  • We ship it at the end of each month so you should receive it approx. by the first week of the month
  • Any new members in the first 10 days of the month will receive the package then will cycle automatically at the first of each month

Please note this package only available in the USA


It is sad to see you go. You can cancel at any time. We will simply pro-rate the fees at the monthly rate and refund you the difference.

Benefits of exfoliating your body with Organic Loofahs:
  • 100 % organic body loofahs for daily routine 
  • It removes dead & dry skin 
  • Exfoliating with the loofah, helps skin care products to penetrate deeper "Exfoliation helps serums, moisturizers, and growth factors penetrate deeper into the skin"
  • Effectively unclogging your pores 
  • It will even skin tone by diminishing dark spots 
  • Exfoliation helps to stimulate collagen synthesis to improve the skin's texture, keep the skin looking plump, glowing & young
  • It helps diminish spots and blemishes allowing for smooth, youthful, vibrant, and glowing skin. It improves the blood circulation of the skin and reveals a healthy and new skin. Egyptian loofah remains durable and flexible when wet.

Directions to use:

Soak in warm water for 3-5 minutes, add your favorite cleansing product, and massage gently in a circular motion. After use, rinse well with clean water and hang to dry


  • Not recommended for dry use 
  • Exfoliate 3 to 7 times a week
  • Apply moisturizing cream after use



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