How to Stuff Extra Long Lumbar Pillows

Extra long lumbar pillows are beautiful, but finding a pre-stuffed one that perfectly matches both your style and support needs can be a struggle. But fear not! With a touch of creativity, you can easily stuff long lumbar pillow cover using readily available three square inserts.

Here's how:

Your favorite lumbar pillow cover (ensure it's fully unzipped) Three square pillow inserts Patience and a gentle touch. 

The Stuffing process:

  • Lay your unzipped pillow cover flat on a clean surface.
  • Imagine dividing the cover into three sections - one for each square insert. This will help visualize the final placement.
  • Gently put the insert through the cover, ensuring it fills the section evenly and reaches the corners.
  • Following the same approach, place and shape the remaining two square inserts in their respective sections of the cover.
  • Once all three inserts are nestled in place, zip up the cover.
  • Ensure the three square inserts, when combined, fill the entire volume of the extra long lumbar pillow cover without creating any bulging or empty spaces, add more inserts if needed. 
  • If you prefer a firmer, consider inserts which are 3" larger in size than the cover. 

Extra long lumbar pillows are designed to impart a chic and cohesive look to your home decor. These statement pieces serve as the key to achieving an outstanding finish, seamlessly tying together the elements of your space. At Mumo Toronto, we understand that choosing the right lumbar pillow is crucial for a decor that stands out. Explore our varied designs and shop now to transform your living space with style and sophistication.