We aim to make the world a greener, clearner place. 


Mumo Toronto is a Canadian brand founded in 2019. Our brand strives to preserve handmade traditions and make home styling shopping more convenient, personal, and pleasant. We are working collaboratively with our Egyptian artisans by using ancient handweaving techniques to make sustainable stylish modern designs and create unique collections for contemporary homes while being mindful of the environment. We do this by spreading awareness about the importance of sustainability and creating a greener future for all. Mumo Toronto was founded on the principles of sustainability integrity, and social responsibility. We believe that these principles should be the foundation of everything we do. We also believe that our actions matter, and that by choosing to be socially responsible and sustainable, we can make a positive impact on the world.                                                                                                        

Fair Trade - Ethically made

Mumo stands behind its commitment to social responsibility. We empower our people and enable them to improve their lives. We support our artisans' community through fair trade practices while maintaining an environmentally friendly business model. We aim to support our artisans by working with them in person, ensuring they are fairly compensated for their work, and enabling them to provide for themselves and their families.