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Zane Handwoven Extra Long Lumbar Pillow Cover

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    Product Information:
    • Size: 112cm X 35cm (44” X 14”)
    • Insert is not included 
    • Material: Natural Wool or Egyptian cotton
    • The back is a fabric with a hidden zipper 
    • Handwoven on a pedal loom


    • Black 
    • White 
    Cleaning Instructions

    Dry clean is recommended for best results. Stains must be treated immediately. Blot the stain with a paper towel or soft cloth "Don't rub" then apply a tiny amount of mild soap to a clean cloth and dab it on the stain. Apply water to remove the soap. Repeat until the stain is gone
    CAUTIONS: Don't use bleach or stain remover

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    Our products are a testament to the enduring quality of traditional Egyptian craftsmanship. Handwoven using techniques passed down through generations, sustainable and eco-friendly choice. Durable enough to be passed down for generations, these premium products are truly made to last

    Zane Handwoven Extra Long Lumbar Pillow Cover
    sofa cushions
    Zane Handwoven Extra Long Lumbar Pillow Cover
    • Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

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