We are a family business which has been inspired by art & nature. We produce environmentally products for your home and skin with a mission to motivate people towards sustainability. We bring to you the finest quality in the world. With our sustainable products, we do something positive for the environment. Your collaboration and  support help us to promote sustainability and make a positive impact to the planet. Sustainability is a necessity. Hence our products are 100% organic, recycled and eco-friendly. We believe that our dedication to provide the finest organic products is also aligned with our sustainability vision to a better future.


Egyptian loofah has been cultivated for skincare since ancient times. Mumo’s loofah is an authentic organic body exfoliator which comes from a climbing vine related to the cucumber family. It is sourced from Egypt and grown chemical free. This great source of nature is one of the finest quality in the world. Our collection is entirely organic and padded with Egyptian cotton for premium quality. Using our tropical vine will improve blood circulation and remove dead skin, leaving your skin firm and soft. Egyptian Loofah provides deep cleansing, helps to diminish spots and blemishes your skin to look smooth, youthful and glowing.



We handcraft modern Kilim rugs in a multitude of bold and neutral tones to meet everyone's divergent taste. Our designs never fade amidst the current trends in design. They, nevertheless, bring innovative traits to life which makes them ideal for interior and exterior decor. Our deeply ingrained tradition, along with the striking effect that comes from the hand-dyed process of 100% Egyptian Cotton and pure wool bespeaks for itself. Our quality controls have been implemented at every level of the entire production to create a piece of fine craftsmanship. Our colors are resistant to fading. Yarn hand dyeing process is one of the most important stages in our rug manufacture. We believe this identifies an exceptional way of preserving and honouring traditions as they are splendidly passed from one generation to another.