Mumo Toronto is a Canadian brand specializing in eco-friendly handmade rugs, runners, and pillows. We are based in Toronto, and has been making these beautiful unqiue collections since 2019. Our mission is to make home styling shopping convenient, personal, and pleasant. Our products are made from a variety of Egyptian cotton and natural wool. With our engagement of every piece's transformation, from its yarn stage to the final product, we promise to  always bring the finest quailty to your doorstep. The endless enthusiasm & appreciation for the art of craftsmanship led to taking our brand to the next level. All our products are made in EGYPT.                                              


Ethically made

Mumo stands behind its commitment to social responsibility. We empower our artisans and enable them to improve their lives, and talent. That comes by paying them a fair wage. Changing their lives has always been and always will be our goal since the beginning. We aim to support our international artisans to pass down the tradition of hand weaving and sustain craftsmanship. The social & financial impacts on their lives are very rewarding and priceless.


Natural Skin Care 

We carry a variety of Egyptian loofahs collections. Why Egyptian Loofahs!.. It has been cultivated for skincare since ancient times. It is an authentic organic body exfoliator that comes from a climbing vine related to the cucumber family. Egyptian loofah has a very resistant fiber that becomes very soft & flexible when it gets wet with water. This great source of nature is one of the finest quality in the world. Using our tropical vine will provide major exfoliation to reveal brighter, firm and smooth skin. 


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