Welcome to MUMO! 

A Canadian brand, was founded in 2017, aiming to support our world by making trendy eco-friendly handmade products for home decor & skincare. We are growing because of customer's dedication to support our artisans. For every step of our way, we make a huge impact on the lives of our artisans & contribute to keeping handmade traditions alive. We bring to you the finest quality in the world


About our KILIMS

The art of forming yarns into rugs by hand is phenomenal. We handcraft modern Kilim rugs in a multitude of bold and neutral tones to meet everyone's divergent taste. Our designs never fade amidst the current trends in design. Our deeply ingrained tradition, along with the striking effect that comes from the hand-dyed process of 100% Egyptian Cotton and pure wool bespeaks for itself. The process in which raw materials are transformed into our artistic pieces is a way for our artisans to communicate their culture, heritage and traditions



Why Egyptian Loofahs!

Egyptian loofah has been cultivated for skincare since ancient times. It is an authentic organic body exfoliator which comes from a climbing vine related to the cucumber family. Egyptian loofah has a very resistant fibers that become very soft & flexible when it gets wet with water. It is sourced from Egypt and grown chemical free. This great source of nature is one of the finest quality in the world. Using our tropical vine provide major exfoliation to reveal brighter, firm and smooth skin




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